Animal Clinic of Milford’s Veterinary CARE Fund

Our hospital over the years has partnered with many rescue groups and organizations to provide reduced cost services. Animal Clinic of Milford created the CARE Fund in partnership with the Veterinary Care Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, in order to expand our efforts to help pets in need. Since the foundation’s operating expenses are funded through Animal Clinic of Milford’s membership dues, 100% of every dollar donated to CARE Fund is used for the medical treatment of needy pets.

How the Funds are Used

The Animal Clinic of Milford, Veterinary CARE Fund is made available to pets being treated at 135 Gulf St, Milford CT 06460.

Our CARE Fund donations are generally restricted to the following:

  • Assistance for pet owner’s in financial crisis
  • Care for police/fire and service animals
  • Care for Aged pets who are adopted (must be over 10yrs of age when adopted)
  • Funding for Good Samaritan cases
  • Financial assistance for special needs pets and owners
  • Support local and regional animal rescue organizations
  • Provide free/low cost spay/neuter clinics

Funding recipients must have a treatment plan and estimate from Animal Clinic of Milford and demonstrate that all other payment options have been exhausted including:

  • Personal finances (credit cards and Care Credit denied)
  • Donations from family and friends
  • Additional fundraising efforts

Your Donation Makes a Difference

Success Stories: Zapp & Monty

Our Veterinary Care Fund has helped several patients in unusual and extreme cases.

Zapp was brought to us in December 2016 after his kitten curiosity got the best of him. He was accidentally electrocuted when he bit into a faulty electrical wall socket. He sustained severe burns and tissue death to his lips, face and hard palate. He was surrendered to our care due to extreme circumstances. Over the next 3-5 days, the tissues of the lips, nose, teeth, and hard palate started to die and necroes. He was having difficulty breathing due to severe inflammation of the upper air way, and needed an emergency tracheotomy.

After multiple surgeries, a feeding tube, a tracheotomy, around-the-clock treatments, and a few brushes with death, Zapp survived and even excelled beyond expectation. He had such a strong will to survive, and an amazingly great attitude throughout his ordeal. Dr. Maley and Dr. Golovyan continued to think (day and night) of ways to make him comfortable and heal so he could have a normal life. Dr. Maley even fashioned a special device, never before seen or used, to help keep his small tracheotomy site open so he could breathe well.

With the help of our Veterinary Care Fund, we put Zapp’s story out for all to see and share. Zapp has gathered quite a following and has had so many kind-hearted people donate towards his recovery. Without question, because of everyone’s help, Zapp is alive today and doing great. A special thanks to Central Hospital for Animal Medicine and Dr. Taylor for their part in Zapp’s care and their generous discounts. Zapp is soon to go through his last surgery to finally correct the hard palate defect, which has plagued him from the beginning. We thank Angel Memorial and their surgical staff for their care of Zapp, and fixing his facial defect! It has been our pleasure here at Animal Clinic of Milford to use our skills and caring hands to save such a wonderful little creature; it’s a testament to what we can do when money and time are taken out of the equation, and we simply do what is needed.

Monty (perhaps short for Montezuma) the Chihuahua, was surrendered to us in March 2017. He was diagnosed with diabetes, and due to unfortunate circumstances, his owner was unable to treat him and find a new home for him. We offered the owner an option other than euthanasia, and that was relinquishing him to the hospital for care and rehoming. Dr. Maley and Dr. Golovyan spent a lot of time regulating his blood sugar and putting him on a proper diet so he could be re-homed.

Unfortunately, Monty had other underlying health issues that were discovered in the process. Other than the known heart murmur and diabetes, we found that Monty had a malabsorption disease, most likely secondary to repeated bouts of pancreatitis and what is also suspected to be the primary cause of his diabetes. As we attempted to regulate Monty, he developed cataracts and became blind in the span of 2-3 weeks. Fortunately, Monty is now doing great; he recently had cataract surgery at Central Hospital for Animal Medicine, and a big thanks to Dr. Dorbandt for the surgery that gave Monty his eyesight back and dramatically improved his quality of life. Monty needs around-the-clock care with many medications and very specific dietary needs.

Unfortunately, not just any home will do for Monty; his special needs require a family with the ability and knowledge to care for him—and more importantly, the time. Here at Animal Clinic of Milford, we treat pets like family, and now Monty is part of our hospital family. He has become a staple in our daily work, making clients smile when they see his wagging tail!

Monty and Zapp are now best buddies and hang out at the Animal Clinic of Milford together on the same dog/cat bed! The two of them hold a special place in our hearts, and are a testament to what can be accomplished by people with caring hearts. Without the help and love of others, we would never have been able to fix Zapp’s facial defects and give Monty his eyesight back.

There has been and continues to be a great need for helping those who cannot help themselves. Many more have benefited from the generosity of others having given to our care fund. Check back for more stories of those who have benefited from your kindness and the kindness of others.

Every donation helps, no matter how big or small. We will continue to do the best we can to make sure those in need live the happiest and healthiest lives possible.


Layla is a beautiful Somali cat who suffered from chronic diarrhea and weight loss. The veterinary CARE fund helped us perform the expensive diagnostics necessary to be able to treat her appropriately. She is now living an illness-free life, as happy as could be! The Animal Clinic of Milford has socialized and found homes for many feral kittens who needed kindness and love.


Becky presented to our clinic for euthanasia as she was an older dog and her owner was terminally ill. Becky appeared overall healthy. She was thought to be blind from her cataracts for over 5 years. Instead of euthanizing Becky we offered the family to have her signed over to the hospital, for which they were very thankful. We had Becky’s eyes evaluated by an ophthalmologist and he was optimistic that her eyesight could be restored. Through the help of generous donations Becky (at the age of 14) got her eyes back and is now enjoying life. See her before and after pictures. Please consider donating to the veterinary care fund to help more pets like Becky.

Do you CARE?

When you make your generous donation to the Animal Clinic of Milford CARE Fund, 100% of your tax-deductible gift will go to support the care of pets who truly need a helping hand from a caring donor. If you are willing and able to reach out and contribute even a small sum, please donate through our secure on-line process.
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