Spacious space for clients and patients waiting for results/their appointment or simply sitting down to enjoy a beverage after an appointment. This area offers plenty of natural sunlight as well as comfortable seating and a beverage station.

Exam Room hallway:

Exam Rooms:

Our state-of-the-art exam rooms offer plenty of space for our staff, clients, and patients. The exam rooms are designed and equipped to be able to accommodate anything from very large to our very tiny critters. We offer very quiet lift tables as well as tables that come up and move out of our way to be able to examine some patients on the floor if needed or desired. Every exam room is specially themed with photos of some of our own and client-owned pets. We offer a special exotics room to reduce stress for our exotic patients. We also offer a special comfort room with its own entry for clients having to make difficult decisions or just needing some time to be alone with their pets.


Our treatment room is the core of our hospital, all areas of the hospital directly connect to the treatment room. In this area, we have our lab area, our treatment room observation cages, our Pharmacy. We have multiple treatment tables, emergency equipment, ultrasound, radiology, oxygen, wet tables, etc. This is where sick pets get seen, this is where critically ill pets get assessed and therapy is given and where they stay for observation and treatments. Our exam rooms, our Boarding area kitchen or food room, the pet bathing area with laundry, our cat and dog wards, our surgery prep area, our call center, and doctors’ offices all connect like the spokes of a wheel to a hub or in this case the treatment room.


Our lab is fully equipped with a microscope to perform in-house cytology, and in-house bloodwork machines including chemistry, thyroid testing, complete blood count, and coagulation profiles.

Surgery Prep:

Our surgery prep area is designed to be efficient so that cleaning and sterilization of surgical equipment happen with the highest levels of care. It also helps to facilitate storage of all the ins and outs of equipment and supplies needed in surgery, so patient care is only a step away at any moment in time.


Dental Suite:

Our dental suite is separate from our general surgery suite and will facilitate an increase the number of dental procedures per day. Giving us the ability to nearly double the number of dental procedures we can offer during dental month (February) of each year. We also have a new state-of-the-art, digital dental X-ray unit, which will give us the ability to not only see disease on the outside of the tooth and gums but also dive deep within the bone of the jaws to see hidden and often times unrealized disease.

Radiography (Xray):

We invested in a new digital Xray machine, our old one was only a few years old, but technology has changed significantly, and a newer model has offered us the ability achieve higher diagnostic quality images. The images transfer into our office software and those images can more easily be emailed to referral doctors when needed. This also allows us show owners images of their pet on one of our in-exam room computers… to better illustrate our findings.


This is a stand-alone room with its own ventilation system, wettable/sink/Tub, which all allows us to segregate sick patients with transmissible disease safely away from other patients.

Recovery Dog Ward:

Our dog wards are large space, allowing recovering pets from surgery to stretch out and get comfortable. All while we are observing them through a floor to ceiling glass wall, that also keeps the general hospital noise to a low level to prevent them from being overly stimulated by noise pollution.

Cat Ward:

Our cat wards are large space, allowing recovering pets from surgery to stretch out and get comfortable. All while we observe their recovery from a soundproof door with a large window. The cat ward also houses our medical boarding condo’s, which offer separate spaces for your cat to sleep and eat in and another for their toiletry habits.


Attractive, state of the art facility!

Play and Training Area:

Temperature controlled space to keep your pet safe and comfortable, whether hot or cold, the fluctuating environment outside will always be nice and comfortable inside! Our play area is just the right size for a modest number of pets to play and engage with each other while keeping the number small so that each pet can interacted with their human playtime supervisors and to help eliminate any hard feelings between the pets. With no-slip epoxy flooring for durability, easy cleanup, and disinfecting, and playscape’s designed specifically for doggie daycare needs; all to help promote as safe and injury-free experience as possible.

Cat suites:

Our cat condos were designed with feline thinking in mind. Each condo is made up of two rooms joined by a pass-through door, which allows for separate areas for eating and sleeping, and where they go for toiletry needs, all design to decrease stress. This all keeps our cat residents happy, and happy cats enjoy the time away from their owners. Stress-free pets eat better and respond better to all things!

Dog Suites:

Our dog suites are designed to accommodate dogs of all sizes and multiple dog families. Each room is limited in number of suites for a more intimate setting. Each suite is made from durable materials that are easily cleaned and disinfected. With glass fronts so we can see them, and they can see us, no messes will go undiscovered. Our elevated modular beds are super comfortable and keep your pet off the floor and away from spilled water etc. Each room is temperature-controlled, to keep everyone comfortable and happy. We have a suite that fits any dogs space needs, from giant breed to teacup-sized pets, we have a space to provide plenty of room to stretch out and get comfy!

Connecting suites:

Our Connecting Suites are perfect for our multiple pet families, staying together during sometimes stressful events like going to the kennel and being away from their parents, being together is a real comfort for those pets! These suites provide the space needed and some extra privacy when they need a little space apart!

Individual cubbies for personal belongings:

One of the hardest things to do, is keep every pet’s personal property, food etc. apart from others and to make sure things done get lost or misplaced. So, we have installed cubbies for each pet’s stuff, plenty of room for food, leashes, and even their own bedding if needed.

Kennel kitchen:

One of the most important things we do is feed your pets, we have a food prep room designed to facilitate daily meals, including a dishwasher for getting those dog bowls spotless clean…!

Fully equipped state of the art Grooming Suite:

Our grooming room has a hydraulic lift table for non-scary, smooth, and quiet changes in height. Cages in the grooming room for drying your pet after their bath and so our groomer can keep an eye on them. We have cages driers and high volume no heat driers to get your pet clean and dry as quickly as possible. Cleanliness is key to keeping your pets safe, all equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every grooming.