Is it time to stop guessing what mix of breeds your rescue pup is?

Understanding your dog’s genetic makeup can answer why your dog may have an appearance, behavior, or health care need that is different from other dogs. DNA testing can reveal your dog’s breed mix and with the help of science-based evidence, you can answer health-related questions more accurately and help care for your dog. Dr. Maley and Dr. Goloyvan can use DNA testing as a tool to help develop a custom care and wellness plan by:

Identifying breed mix and specific needs for overall health maintenance

Knowing a more accurate adult weight range for a more precise nutritional recommendation

Understanding genetic markers that could signal a predisposition to certain health conditions


The description of Piper under her adoption ad “was a large breed dog” possibly Great Pyrenees. I loved her eyes and decided to take the plunge. At pick up time, when the volunteers called my name, I was shocked and happy. Piper didn’t quite look like the picture in fact she looked like an immense lab and terrier! Working in a veterinary hospital, I had the opportunity to use the Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis. The results of her blood test were Great Pyrenees /Mastiff Cross with Alaskan Malamute/ German Shepard. The booklet that came with her test is extremely detailed.  Piper is so unique. She has wiry fur on her face and now we know it is from the Shepard influence.  Understanding her breed characteristics has helped me so much.  Piper is very different from my previous rescue pets. By understanding her DNA has helped me be a more educated pet owner. As Piper ages I can be aware of major health problems that she could suffer from such as hip dysplasia. A I better understand her exercise needs and a back-yard fence has served both of us very well! Laura


*** The Animal Clinic of Milford uses the Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis. Please contact us for an easy blood draw from your pet.

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