The Animal Clinic of Milford’s Basic Puppy Life Skills and Obedience classes are beginning the winter sessions on Sunday December 6, 2020 at 9:30 am and Sunday December 20 at Noon. These classes are for puppies up to twelve months of age. Jeff Mastropetre trainer, behaviorist and problem solver will guide you and your pup through this essential six-week course. Jeff possesses the drive, skill, and commitment to work through the toughest training challenges. Our training classroom is specifically designed for canine education and exercise. Animal Clinic of Milford provides the highest quality of education and training for pets and owners. Please choose the class that works best with your schedule.

Tuition Cost: The six-week course is $240 which includes 2 trainer supervised puppy socialization sessions.

Registration: Space is limited. Please call us at 203-882-8311 or email to reserve your spot.

Six-week life skills and obedience training program curriculum:

  • Home management and life skills through the use of house rules, verbal commands, and corrections.
  • Training equipment recommendations.
  • House training handout with explanation.
  • Crate training handout with explanation.
  • Remedies for puppy curiosity barking and nuisance barking.
  • Mouthing, biting and begging solutions.
  • Uninvited jumping solutions, including doorway greetings.
  • Stealing and chewing solutions. Including drop it and leave it commands
  • Systematic socialization through confidence building exercises (Sight, sound, and touch stimulation).
  • Stress free Animal clinic and grooming visit preparation.
  • Safe and effective strategies for greeting friendly strangers and dogs in public.
  • Leash manners/loose leash walking and leash handling techniques.
  • Sit and stay under distraction in a real life situation with and without treats.
  • Go (give me space or go lay down please)./ Down stay introduction/ Realistic and reliable recall training

Contact Information:
Animal Clinic of Milford
100 Gulf Street
Milford CT 06460

Phone: 203-882-8311