September is National Pet Insurance Month!

September is National Pet Insurance Month and it is dedicated to raising awareness about pet medical insurance and the value, peace of mind, and high quality of care that it brings pets and pet owners. Chronic medical conditions such as allergies, arthritis, dental disease, diabetes, and heart problems are common in specific breeds. These conditions can be costly to manage for the life of the pet. There is also the unexpected illness, accident or emergency surgery for our pets and the bills that go along with it. We encourage our clients to get pet medical insurance for their pets because it makes the difficult medical decisions easier without having to worry about costs.

Animal Clinic of Milford Client Testimonial

We got our beautiful Neopolitan Mastiff when she was 10 weeks old. We named her Stella. We brought Stella to Dr. G. at Animal Clinic of Milford 2 days later to get her vaccinations and have her overall health evaluated. Dr. G. and the staff fell in love with our baby Stella and her with them. Dr. G. explained a lot about mastiffs and recommended that I sign up for Trupanion Pet Insurance. They were offering one free month and then special deals on yearly insurance. I called as soon as I got home and was greeted by a very helpful representative at Trupanion. I agreed to sign up for coverage because the price was great and I wanted to ensure my puppy just in case anything unusual came up.

When Stella was about 12 weeks old she developed a red, inflamed ball in the corner of her right eye. We had no idea what it was so, of course, we checked on the internet and found out it was a genetic condition that was popular in the Neo breed called “Cherry Eye.” We immediately brought her to back to Milford Animal Clinic and they confirmed the diagnosis. Initially, Stella was treated with an eye ointment but the Cherry Eye persisted; and then the other eye developed the same problem. Stella had Cherry Eye in both eyes! We were becoming regulars at The Clinic and surgery was recommended. I was so relieved to find out the Trupanion covered the entire surgery except for the deductible! Just with this one surgery, I already saved more money than what my premium will cost me for the entire year. Trupanion worked directly with my veterinary office so I didn’t have to worry about the financial piece and I could focus on the well-being of my pet. I am so glad that Trupanion was recommended by Animal Clinic of Milford and they have been an amazing help to me and Stella.

Sincerely .. Rose
The Animal Clinic of Milford participates in Trupanion Express. With this plan, payments are made directly to the veterinary hospital. To learn more visit Trupanion Express.

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