Thanksgiving Message

Thank you from Maui

Dear Dr, Goloyvan,
I came to you when I was one day old. My brother and I were found in a back yard and a kind person who works on your team brought us to you. My brother died on the way to the Animal Clinic , but because of you and the all the staff I lived to share my story of gratitude for Thanksgiving.

I was your constant companion for weeks. You fed me whenever I needed it. You held me and kept me warm. You spoke kitten to the best of your ability. You, Dr Maley , the girls and your fur family took me in and let me snuggle and sleep with you. Your children named me Maui from the Disney movie Moana, because of my oversized kitten paws.

My eyes opened and my paws grew. I learned about dogs , they make great nap time pals and my paws kept growing. Here is my graduation photo from my Animal Clinic home and still my paws are growing. I am at my new home and visit you as much as I can. You saved my life and I just want you to know that I am so grateful for all the love and time you gave me. I know you do this everyday for all the pets that come to you, but wanted you to know how special you are.
Your dear friend Boots ( my new family named me Boots. Flash update .. my paws are still growing!!)

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