The Animal Clinic of Milford offers digital x-ray as one of our exceptional diagnostic options. There are so many benefits to the digital x-ray, such as:

  • The quality of our digital images are far superior to traditional film-based images, which translates to more accurate diagnosis and quicker treatment
  • No chemicals or plastic films to store and eventually dispose of, which means our environmental footprint is very small
  • Quicker image acquisition, which means less stress for the pet
  • Digital images help us to maintain records easier and have faster retrieval

Digital x-ray works like a digital camera, allowing us to make adjustments and retake images quickly, ensuring that we have the results we need at the snap of our finger. Because images are taken quickly and efficiently, most pets do not need to be anesthetized for an x-ray.

What We Use Digital X-Rays to Examine

At the Animal Clinic of Milford, we can use digital x-rays to examine all areas of the body. We can use digital x-ray to examine:

  • Bony structures for breaks or fracture of the bone, lysis which means “eating away of the bone,” structural or anatomical abnormalities, inheritable abnormalities, and abnormal growth
  • Soft tissue disease, especially within the abdomen, the chest, and bladder
  • Disease processes such as constipation, fluid accumulation within the chest or abdomen, heart size and shape changes, and lung disease
  • X-ray of some areas of the body oftentimes don’t give us a clear understanding, but the majority of the time they give us an idea as to what the underlying disease process is or isn’t, such as with intervertebral disc disease within the spine, soft tissue masses, inflammatory disease, and disease processes of the skull, etc.
  • There are even diseases that are only able to be diagnosed with the use of x-ray imaging
  • …and there is so much more!

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For more serious conditions, we may refer to other modalities, such as the CT scanner or MRI. For questions about your pet’s care, we encourage you to contact our team and we’ll be happy to help you.