Ultrasound, ECG, and Doppler Blood PressureAt the Animal Clinic of Milford located in Milford, CT, we are equipped with state-of-the-art veterinary tools to ensure that our patient care is exceptional. We have recently added an ultrasound at our clinic, allowing us to examine the chest cavity, heart, abdomen, and more, in more detail than was previously possible with our x-ray technology.

What Sets the Ultrasound Apart?

While x-rays give an overview of the entire area, showing the “stacking” of individual organs, the ultrasound is able to examine specific parts of the body without showing the overlap between parts, offering doctors a clearer image and greater diagnostic capabilities. The ultrasound also allows us to see organs in action! With the ultrasound, we’re able to see blood flowing and organs functioning.

The Benefits of ECG At Our Milford Pet Clinic

With the added technology of the ultrasound, we are now able to bring ECG technology into our office, enabling us to examine the heart and ensure that it is functioning properly.

Doppler Blood Pressure Machine

In addition to the state-of-the-art technology of the ultrasound, we are able to check blood pressure using the incredible technology of the Doppler blood pressure machine. The Doppler blood pressure machine allows us to take very accurate blood pressure on animals of all sizes. This is especially important during anesthesia monitoring.

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